Do’s in Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself in an appropriate manner:Make sure to get people’s attention from the very beginning of your video. Don’t assume people already know who are you and what you are trying to tell them. Use your hands. Hand movements make you seem more engaging and energetic vs a boring talking person.

  • Greet the audience and state your name: If you’re making SkillVideos, it’s important to state your first and last name. As you say hello and give your name, remember to speak clearly and confidently. For Example: You can Say Hi or Hello Everyone, My Name is ………….
  • Share some relevant information about yourself: After you provide your name,share some relevant information of yourself and the subject you’ll be talking about. For example: “My name is Varun Sharma and I am a trainee of Field Technician Computing and peripherals at Mahadev Educational Society, Bijnor. Today I am going to tell you how to Install RAM in a PC.
  • Communicate effectively.From the very start, make sure your voice is loud enough for everyone to hear you. Avoid mumbling by enunciating your consonants crisply.
  • Move your body.Stand with good posture, and move freely while you speak. Stand up tall, move your shoulders back instead of slouching, and keep your hands free, using them to gesture when necessary.